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HARLEM — People are lining up around the block to get into Sugar Hill Creamery in Harlem.

It’s the first family-owned ice cream shop in the neighborhood in 34 years!

The creative duo behind this shop are Nick and Petrushka Larsen.

“We had an amazing ice cream when we were traveling, and we said why can’t we have this moment with family and friends at home.”

Those who have tasted the ice cream say it is heavenly. Heavenly because Nick hand makes all the ice cream and has flavors as diverse as the community in Harlem.

“We have Ethiopian coffee with turmeric and ginger,” he notes.

There’s an ice cream named after Tuma Basa, a Harlemite, who is influential in the music industry and their walls are covered with paintings of those who mean something to this couple here in Harlem. “It’s important that we contribute positively where we are, creating space for all our neighbors.”

Sugar Hill Creamery has been such a hit,  the couple is now working on opening a second location in Hamilton Heights.