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LONG ISLAND — The jobs are growing faster than one hospital can fill them!

We’re headed inside Northwell Health where teams are sparking teen’s interests in healthcare, hoping that one day they’ll come back to a field they never knew existed.

Test tubes, blood samples and a lab full of curious students who want to make a difference in people’s lives.

The students of Glen Cove High School are participating in Northwell Health’s Spark! Challenge.

Here they’re getting first-hand experience at what it would be like to have a career in the clinical field. Frederick Amison who is a clinical laboratory scientist is hoping to spark their interest.

“The nurses and doctors get all the credit but we’re a very integral part of that team. We do great work and we love it.”

Fran Krisch, who teaches honors anatomy and physiology, has been bringing her students here for years.

“We have alumnus who are entering health profession and it was sparked by this program.”

And that’s Northwell’s goal, they want to spark middle school and teens interests leading them to a fulfilling career.

Down the hall from the kids, we met up with Dr. Dwayne Breining

At the Core Lab which is North America’s largest Roche Diagnostics testing line of its kind,  he says jobs are growing faster than they can fill.

The Spark Challenge is a two part career challenge. The kids go to the lab, then in April they present what they learned to Northwell’s senior leadership. Over 1,200 kids compete in the challenge.