SUMMIT, N.J. (PIX11) — Anita Verniero kept a close watch on her surroundings as she walked her dog, Ghost, in Summit, New Jersey on Tuesday.

“I’m just more cautious,” she said.

That is because a fox recently attacked dogs in the area around Mountain Avenue and Tulip Street. Neighbors found out after receiving a text alert urging them to be extra vigilant of pets and small children.   

“They said from dusk to dawn be careful, so I am being more cautious about that. But I feel like in the daytime it’s OK,” she added.  

Police said the fox appeared to be rabid. They were able to put it down and turn it over to animal control.

Summit authorities say they think it is the only fox involved in the attacks. They are still urging people to be careful. Residents say many people have dogs. 

“This is a pretty tight-knit community. There are plenty of dogs and kids running around. To hear there were two separate fox or coyote attacks is definitely a little disconcerting,” said neighbor Michelle O’Driscoll. 

This is not the first time residents have spotted a fox or other critters. 

“It is super scary, but there’s a lot of wildlife around here. It’s one of those areas where you just have to be on your toes and just be vigilant. Whether it’s foxes, coyotes, bears, everybody is aware of that and used to that sort of in this neighborhood,” said O’Driscoll.  

Authorities say if you venture outdoors and spot a fox during the day that should be OK. They are probably on the hunt for food. But if the animal shows signs of aggression, looks sick, and does not seem afraid of humans, report it immediately to the local police or animal control. 

“This guy is thankfully on the bigger side. So, he can hopefully fend one off, but yeah you never know. It’s scary,” said one dog owner about her pet Boxer.  

The fox is now being tested to determine whether it had rabies. The results are expected sometime this week.