ISRAEL (PIX11) – A woman in Israel is fearing the worst for her sister who’s been missing since Hamas attacked her country one week ago. 

Adva Gutman-Tilosh is searching frantically for her sister, Tamar Gutman, who went missing just hours after the Hamas militant group invaded a music festival she was attending. Gutman-Tilosh said her sister notified her of the invasion by text but, she hasn’t heard from her since.

“Not knowing where she is and not knowing what her condition is, if she’s injured and captured or murdered,” said Gutman-Tilosh. “We don’t know and it’s a nightmare.”

Hours later, Gutman-Tilosh said she jumped into panic mode — searching every hospital in Israel in hope of finding her sister. But instead she heard stories from dozens of injured victims attacked at that same festival. The gruesome stories are forever ingrained in her mind.

“They just slaughtered people and children and beheaded people and raped women and — it was unimaginable,” Gutman-Tilosh said.

The conflict has claimed 3,000 lives since Hamas’ attack a week ago. Palestinians are now struggling to flee from Gaza ahead of an expected ground assault by the Israeli military in the coming days.

President Joe Biden denounced antisemitism and Islamophobia in a public address Saturday and called for solidarity in the United States. “We have to reject hate in every form,” Biden said.

The Israeli military has warned civilians in Gaza to either stay in their homes or to evacuate to the southern part of the territory as they are looking to execute a more concentrated attack on Hamas militants.