NEW YORK (PIX11) — There were three rallies across the tri-state area Sunday, two in solidarity with Israel and one in support of Palestine; both sides remain torn up as the war enters its fourth week.

Calls for safety and security and the release of hostages during a rally Sunday outside Cooper Union.

“We’re all praying for them and hoping that they release the prisoners. That’s the main priority right now. And destroying the Hamas, of course,” said Ronen Barak.

The pro-Israeli rally comes just days after students were stuck inside the Cooper Union library while pro-Palestine demonstrators banged on doors and windows for twenty minutes. The school maintains the doors were never locked.

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Hundreds more turned out for a pro-Israeli rally in Midwood, Brooklyn, stressing the need for unity.

“All the Jews together, religious-secular, all of the above. We’re together. We’re in this together. And god is with us,” Mirian said,

Hundreds of pro-Palestine supporters also sent a clear message from the steps of Newark City Hall.

“We’ve witnessed a constant bombardment of Gaza this past weekend. Electricity, Food cut off, fuel cut off, supplies cut off. They’re in a complete blackout, and it’s important we’re out here to show our support,” Allison Guajala said.

Several specifically called out Senator Cory Booker, the former mayor of Newark, who said publicly he stands with Israel.

“The same thing they’re doing to Gaza right now – poisoning their water, keeping them in open-air prisons – that is what Corey Booker had here in Newark, New Jersey,” said Captain Africa from the New Black Panther Party.

And that rally eventually turned into a march, ending outside Booker’s Newark office.