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This pizza will give you sticker shock.

It comes with truffles, foie gras and the most-prized type of caviar.

The white stilton cheese must be made with locally-produced milk from three designated areas in England. Don’t forget 24-karat gold leaf to top it off.

You have to order 48 hours in advance and it will cost $2,000.

Check the menu at Industry Kitchen, near the South Street Seaport in Lower Manhattan. The Chef tells PIX11 News the pricey pizza was added in the last few weeks.

“It’s confidential,” he said when asked if any pies have been sold.

The restaurant did provide a pizza picture.

At Royal Pizza on Third Avenue in Manhattan, Joe Kandic says he will gladly let you pay two thousand dollars for any kind of pizza you want him to make.

During the PIX11 News, Anchors Kaity Tong and John Muller were treated to a taste test created by Reporter Greg Mocker.