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(PIX11) – A selfie taken in Brazil with the caption “Steve Jobs is in Rio de Janeiro, alive,” has the Internet conspiracy mill at full tilt — thanks to a man in the background bearing an unmistakable resemblance to the Apple co-founder.

The photo, posted by Reddit user TheHorseSizedDuck, was taken along the Rio promenade that runs along the beach, and shows a man wearing a Jobs-esque black shirt (a turtleneck?) being pushed in a wheelchair.

The beard, the glasses, the hair and the expression are classic Jobs — but the brightly-patterned, long-sleeve undershirt raises questions.  If Jobs somehow did not die of Metastatic Insulinoma in 2011, could even a festive, colorful place like Rio inspire him to mix black with patterns?

Probably not.

That didn’t stop Redditors from sussing out all possible scenarios that could result in Steve Jobs photobombing a selfie in Brazil — along with the multitude of reasons behind the hoax photo.

“Let’s just slow down a little bit… we need more information about this picture, like maybe when and where this was taken, and then see if we can find out if Jobs was there at the same time,” wrote BestTastingFish.  “That would really help us see if this really was Jobs himself… personally, I’m skeptical.”

Others, however, were not.

“The guy pushing the wheel chair totally knew,” wrote MarcellusxWallace.

“Jobs and Tupac have just been keepin’ it Rio,” joked Dpsadin.

Others theorize the photo was taken while Jobs was still alive and posted years later.

“Damn, he looks bad. How long was that before he died?” commented FourteenThousand.

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