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Boats are busy around New York City.

Ferry systems are expanding and there are tours of the classic harbor.

A new international sailing competition has sailed into the Hudson River on Friday and Saturday. It brings high-speed racing to the waterways of New York harbor.

SailGP aims to reinvent the sport. The teams represent nations of the world and they sail on the same style boats with a unique catamaran design and special features.

“It was crazy out there. I don’t think I’ve sailed in conditions like that before so there was a lot of safety involved just trying to get around the track,” said Tom Slingsby, helmsman of the Australia SailGP Team. “We had a good day today and we’re in the hunt tomorrow.”

Spectators can gather along the Hudson River in lower Manhattan to see the vessels twist and turn along the course.

The next round of races begins in the late afternoon on Saturday. Information about events and special tickets can be found here.

Saturday’s races will feature two fleet races and a final match race, with the two highest-scoring teams sailing against each other.

“All was going to plan with pre-start preparations, then we got hit by a massive gust of wind, the boat did a porpoise jump, and we were over,” said Dylan Fletcher, helmsman of the Great Britain SailGP Team. “It was devastating watching the other guys race around in the sun with that backdrop.”