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A world-renowned interior designer just launched his own furniture line, but he’s keeping it local.

It all started with Roric Tobin’s love for gemstones as a kid.

That draw led to the design of his first furniture line, which includes gorgeous pieces made from dynamic stones and black marble. He calls the pieces “functional luxury.”

“We want people to use their pieces or there’s no point in it,” Tobin said.

Tobin is half of the world-renowned interior design team, Bradfield & Tobin.

Tobin and his design team work all over the world, but he’s ready to change the face of furniture right here in New York in two ways.

First, by keeping furniture design and production in New York City. Second, improving the experience for the customer.

Tobin just launched his furniture line, Roric Tobin Designs, which is being showcased at Newell on East 61st Street on the Upper East Side.

While we can’t all spring for an interior designer or custom-made pieces, Roric gave us a tip for all incomes. “Start with one great piece and build your room slowly around that.”