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ELIZABETH, N.J. — Immigrant advocacy groups have been slammed all day with outreach phone calls to families.

“We are working furiously to make sure everyone is informed of their rights in advance of this weekend’s planned raids,” said Sara Cullinane, an attorney with Make the Road New Jersey.

This is the first massive raid planned to target families who have recently arrived in the U.S.

Cullinane said they are preparing migrants by making sure they have a safety plan in place, they offering sanctuary and explaining their rights.

“I think its absolutely terrifying for families to wake up in the morning and not know if today is the day that ICE could show up at their house,” she said.

They are instructing immigrants to not open the door to agents, instead she advised asking for a warrant. She said agents must have a judicial warrant signed by a judge to come in without permission.

Some families are so fearful that they are thinking about leaving home to take refuge in local churches.

Other advocacy organizations are working to compile a list of all sanctuary sites for families.

While tonight, vigils will take place in cities throughout the country.

Candles will be lit to stand in solidarity with families being torn apart.

A complete list of events is available here.