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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Adopted, raised on different continents, not knowing about each other, two sisters re-unite accidentally because of YouTube and Facebook.

Samantha Futerman, 26, an aspiring actress in Los Angeles posted a video on YouTube about being adopted and not looking like the rest of her family.  That got the attention halfway across the world of Anais Bordier, 26, a design student from Paris living in London.

She noted the amazing resemblance in looks, and sent Samantha a message on Facebook.  They determined they had both been adopted in South Korea, were born on the same date in the same city.  They shared pictures of themselves growing up, and met for the first time on Skype last year.

Now, they have gotten together many times — in London, Los Angeles and New York — and  believed they were identical twins.  But they wanted complete confirmation.
This week, they got it.  DNA tests confirmed they are sisters, identical twins.