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JAMAICA ESTATES, Queens — Ex-NYPD cop Winston Bailey and his family finally got the boot from the Jamaica Estates home where they’d been living for more than two years without paying rent.

I got involved with this last fall. The home belongs to 83-year-old Aida Byrne and her husband. They live in Florida now where Dr. Rodolfo Byrne is battling cancer. But they rented it to Winston Bailey and his wife, Elaine, in October 2013. Court papers say since then, the Bailey’s have only paid the $3,800 a month rent four times.

And three of those checks bounced.

“They haven’t paid me one penny,” Byrne said. “And they keep on bringing problems.”

Byrne has had to travel from Miami countless times for court hearings as she tried to get the Bailey’s out. It’s costing her a small fortune. And she says the Bailey’s ran up more than $100,000 in unpaid rent and expenses that she’ll never see.

The reason: the Bailey’s filed for bankruptcy to discharge debts and forestall eviction.

But on Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 16, the clock finally struck midnight. Time ran out for the Bailey’s. A city marshal and five NYPD cops showed up to get them out. They were evicted.

Byrne is grateful, but .. there’s always a “but” with these people.

The Baileys went back to court the next day. And according to Byrne, civil court Judge Louis Vilella gave them one hour a day for a week to get the rest of their belongings out of Byrne’s house.

Judge Vilella will consult with the judge handling the federal bankruptcy action to make sure he’s not missing anything. And then he’s due to issue a ruling on Feb. 29, presumably a final ruling.

And it seems inconceivable that Judge Vilella will do anything other than end the ordeal Byrne has endured and once and for all give her back her house.

We’ll stay on it and let you know.