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Jack Guida needs your help. The 23-year-old from Massapequa needs a kidney transplant.

Guida was born with a disease that destroyed his kidneys and damaged his hearing. At age 12, he had his first lifesaving transplant thanks to a persistent mom.

“As luck would have it, through our church, she was friends with one of the nuns there,” Guida told PIX11 News. “And one of the nuns knew a woman in Virginia that she was friends with, and her son, sadly, he passed away. He was in a car accident. But the nun asked her friend would you want to donate your son’s kidney to this boy in need? And she said yes!”

The kidney was a perfect match for Guida, who has type A blood. That means he can accept types A and O.

But in 2011, Guida’s body started rejecting the kidney. He’s now on dialysis three times a week while he also works at a GameStop and works out at a local gym with a personal trainer. But how long can he keep that up?

“You can’t be on dialysis, survive on dialysis for a long period of time.”

Guida is a fighter. He’s recently lost his adopted parents and his dog. But he pushes on and now needs a new kidney to keep going and reach his dream: one day he wants to open his own gym.

“I have friends and family behind me that tell me not to give up, you’re gonna get a kidney one day.”

If you think you may be the person who can save Guida’s life or would just like more information on kidney donation, email me at Most of us can live just fine with one kidney.