Housing discrimination remains a major issue now, decades after the Fair Housing Act outlawed discrimination in real estate.

Matthew Bizzarro, CEO of the Bizzarro Agency, joined PIX11 News to talk about the issue for Fair Housing Month. He said it’s clear discrimination is still an issue; home ownership rates are much lower among Black Americans than among white residents.

“You have to always have your antennas up and your radar out,” Bizzaro said.

There are some signs to look for if you think you’re a victim of housing discrimination. If you’re asked for ID or mortgage pre-approval, that could be a sign. Bad service from an agent or seller can also be a sign. People can look up a broker’s operating procedures and see if they’re in line with what the buyer or renter is experiencing.

“It’s horrible and it’s heartbreaking,” Bizzaro said.

People who think they’ve been discriminated against should file a complaint with the New York Department of State. They should also file a federal complaint with the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. Bizzaro shares more tips in the video above.