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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Anyone in a relationship knows how tough it can be to motivate your partner to do something they’re not really that into, even if it is “good for them.”

But there are some subtle ways to entice your guy or gal to get fit.

Adrienne Ng, a 26-year-old production pro is a fitness buff. Kick boxing, yoga, gym time — she’s up for all of it. And it seemed she had the perfect man when she met her boyfriend, an Air Force guy who boasted of six pack abs and could run ten miles at the drop of a hat.

“When I met him, he told me he had a six pack.  I looked through his Facebook pictures and they’re there, but it’s like, where are they now?” the petite motivator quipped.

And she has dreams for her dream man. “I would love to go traveling and maybe go hike Machu Pichu with him.”  But a 20 pound weight gain in their 18 month relationship has aggravated his joint problems and left him surfing the couch instead of some crazy waves in Hawaii.

Enter the pros. Personal trainers were surveyed by, a new website that matches trainers and their style with clients looking to book an hour without navigating the salesperson in the front office of a gym. Jamie Corso works her clients out at David Barton Gym in Astor Place and knows what works for her followers who are trying to get their better half into better shape.

“A gift card!” says Corso with a big smile. “I mean, who doesn’t like a gift?”

And while she admits that doesn’t always work for some who might sense a Trojan horse, she also suggests mixing it up.  “Take it out of the gym. Suggest a hike. Hit Central Park. Go grab some CitiBikes. Anything that gets you moving, as a couple.” And for those who like to spice up the relationship with some friendly competition there’s lots of that in our area.

Corso and the trainers polled by Find Your Trainer were brimming with encouragement for even the most reluctant.  “Sign up for 5-K, then train together. Take the 5-Borough Bike Tour.  Go for a Tough Mudder!  There are so many ways to have fun with a little competition.  Then follow it up with a Sunday cooking session.  My boyfriend and I keep a big book of healthy recipes and cook for the week.  Together.  And we keep it fun.”