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The aftermath of a hoverboard fire in New Jersey. (Photo: Lanoka Harbor Fire Department via Facebook)

LANOKA HARBOR, N.J. — A hoverboard, one of the year’s most sought-after toys, burst into flames at a New Jersey home, singeing a family’s carpet and inspiring renewed calls from fire officials to never leave the gadgets unattended.

The fire broke out while the device was charging, the Lanoka Harbor Fire Department said late Sunday. The family was home at the time, fire officials said. No one was hurt.

It’s the latest instance in which a hoverboard — a gadget that lets users roll along the sidewalk on two wheels, accelerating as the user leans forward  — has caught fire.

Earlier this month, a hoverboard torched a living room in Westchester, N.Y., after it was left plugged in to charge. The brand of hoverboard was identified as Swagway. The type of hoverboard involved in the New Jersey blaze has not been revealed.

In another instance, days before Thanksgiving, a family in Louisiana lost their home due to an exploding hoverboard.

Lanoka fire officials said the toys should never be left unattended while charging. They also urged customers to register their devices for warranties and check for manufacturer recalls.

There have been so many reports of fires associated with the devices, usually while they’re plugged in to charge, that Amazon has pulled certain brands of the toy from its website pending a safety review. They’ve been banned outright in New York City.

The Ocean County Fire Marshall’s Office is investigating the blaze.

Any safety issues should be reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, here.