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NEW YORK — On the third day of HUD regional director Lynne Patton’s stay at the Patterson Houses in the Bronx, Patton visited several apartments.

Patton visited Natalie Rosado’s bathroom, where her ceiling was covered in mold.

“I’m grateful she is here,” Rosado said. “Maybe something will finally happen.”

Patton is staying for a month inside NYCHA at four different developments, in four boroughs.

Right now, Patton is staying with Glady Sanchez.

“They sure woken up ever since they heard she was coming,” Sanchez said. “We will see if this continues.”

Patton said that’s part of the reason she decided to stay in NYCHA homes.

“I honestly think it’s a national emergency,” Patton said. “I’ve told you before this is a humanitarian crisis of the utmost level, it’s not getting any better.”

Interim NYCHA Chair & CEO Kathryn Garcia said, “I think anytime she can bring attention from D.C. to the needs of affordable housing, and making sure we’re making the investments in affordable housing, is important. If that is helpful in her making the case to Washington, I look forward to it.”