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NEW YORK — From the adventurous to the insanely competitive, the annual American International Toy Fair at the Javits Center had something for just about everyone.

Following a record-breaking year for the industry that saw $21 billion dollars in sales, toy makers brought their A-game to the iconic fair.

Old school favorites with a modern twist appeared to be a big theme for 2018.

Take a look at some of the standout toys from this year’s Toy Fair:

Plunge It from Alex Brands

  • You are never too old to have a laugh or two, or even a fart or two.
  • Plunge It is a laugh out loud, action-packed game.
  • Get ready, flush, plunge!!!! Quickly pass the plungers around and around until you hear that fart sound! Act fast as be the first to plunge to poo…. or not!
  • Avail Fall 2018, $21.99, Ages 4 and up

smART sketcher™ Projector from Flycatcher

  • smART sketcher(™) Projector is the next great product for promoting artistic ability, fine motor development, and STEAM education skills using 21st century technology.
  • Developed by the innovative Flycatcher Inc. team, smART sketcher Projector allows children and adults to transform photos taken from their smart devices into a sketch.
  • By using the free smART sketcher app, photos are filtered and transferred via Bluetooth to the projector. Instantly users will see their desired image projected onto paper.
  • Users are able to draw anything the eye can see with just a touch of a button.
  • The smART sketcher Projector also comes with pre-loaded micro SD cards that are filled with a variety of activities including step-by-step drawings, learn-to-write letters and numbers, early spelling skills, and more.
  • Additional SD cards can be purchased separately to keep the creative learning going. The possibilities are endless!
  • Avail Now @ Barnes & Noble and TRU (online), $59.95, 5+

Glove-A-Bubbles from Zing

  • Get ready to wave and play! Dip the glove into the pouch and create tons of bubbles instantly by waving your glove back and forth.
  • Glove-A-Bubbles includes one glove, two packs of bubble solution and a bubble pouch. The pouch is resealable and refillable.
  • Glove-A-Bubbles come in 8 different animal themed gloves.
  • Age: 3+, $2.99

Tic Tac Tongue

  • Are you ready for a battle between lizards? Introducing Tic Tac Tongue from YULU! Be quick to lick! Put on the lizard mask and get ready for a game of skill and speed.
  • One player flips over a number card. The other two players face off to knock down the correct insect card.
  • The lizard that knocks down the most insects the fastest wins! Each Tic Tac Tongue game comes with 2 lizard masks with washable mouthpieces and tongues, 10 target cards, 10 game cards and game rules.

SeeMeez Virtual Friends

  • SeeMeez are interactive hologram pals that fit in your pocket. SeeMeez Virtual Friends respond to your touch, you can feed them when they’re hungry, nurture them when they’re tired, and they surprise and delight you with incredible holographic antics!
  • SeeMeez is the Interactive Hologram Experience that brings to life collectible, virtual pets, and enables you to create custom hologram messages you can share with your friends.

Llama Llama

  • 14-inch Animated Mama Llama Ages 2+, $39.99
  • Cuddle Barn brings one of today’s most popular story time characters to life with a new collection of animated plush inspired by the picture book favorite, Llama Lama Red Pajama.
  • This award-winning #1 New York Times bestselling picture book series has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. The characters are coming to Netflix in January in a new animated series voiced by Jennifer Garner.
  • Bedtime storytelling just got better with this beautifully created 14-inch plush version of Mama Llama and Llama Llama.
  • Kids can cuddle up with Mama Llama who is holding baby Llama and a plush book.
  • They’ll be enchanted by Mama Llama’s sweet recitation of the entire Llama Llama Red Pajama book.
  • Ages 2 and up
  • Avail April 2018, $39.99

Prime Time Toys Dart Zone

  • Tactical Strike TM Accelerator Motorized Ball Blaster,  Ages 14+, $29.97
  • For super-charged battle play
  • This fully motorized blaster holds 25 rounds of Tactical Strike foams
  • Ready to launch up to 100 feet per second

Huggers by Wild Republic

  • The Wild Republic Huggers are an 8” soft, stuffed, lovable toy that hugs you back. Triple-protected, specially-designed snap bands provide a safe and friendly grip.
  • Band encased in plastic, vinyl, and plush. Just spread their arms wide, give the chest a squeeze, and Huggers instantly wrap their arms around you.
  • Wear them on your wrist, backpack, stroller, bike, or wrap around a vase. Huggers’ soft fabric and adorable designs make them a favorite, go-anywhere, hug-any-time, plush toy for kids.
  • Available in multiple designs now,
  • MSRP $7.99.