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LOWER EAST SIDE (PIX11) — It’s the city everyone wants to be in but New York is also the city so few can actually afford.

Recently released data shows more and more New Yorkers – 1.5 million to be exact – live in crowded homes because they can’t afford to live alone.

The situation is so ridiculous, a Craigslist ad intended to be a joke advertising a 15-sq. ft. space riddled in graffiti yet billed as being a “hip artist loft on the trendy Lower East Side” got an overwhelming response from would-be renters.

The room for rent is actually the bathroom of LES dive bar Local 138 on Ludlow St.

Bartender Alana Reali posted the ad in jest but it soon exposed the depressing reality facing current and future residents.

“You know its not out of the normal to see something crazy like that,” Reali told PIX11 News, referring to her post. “Like you know its New York, people will kinda do anything to live here.”

As unappealing as the listing was, which advertised an off-site shower at a near by Comfort Inn, inquiries flooded in including one that called it just the “artistic environment” they were looking for.

To date, the Craigslist ad has received over 30 responses, Reali told PIX11.

“It’s sad, I had one guy saying [he’ll] fix the place up and another girl wanted to move here from Tennessee.”

Reali knows first hand how tough it is stay afloat in New York, having moved here five years ago from Portland, Maine to launch her streetwear line Dissdig.

She has since come to terms with dealing with the monster that we all know as New York.

“I have to be here to do what I want to do for a living,” she said. “I’ve lived in a couple of ghetto places but not a bathroom but we I guess we gotta make sacrifices to get what we want.”

In case you’re wondering if the dive bar bathroom is really up for rent. It’s not. Get over it.