High school teacher offers boy $50 on Facebook for sex act: cops

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PATERSON NY (PIX11) — Police busted a veteran Paterson, NJ High School teacher for allegedly trying to seduce a student in the hallways of JFK High with money and candy, then proposition the young man on Facebook: $50 for a sex act.

The Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office said the investigation took about two weeks after the student notified school and his mom that 50 year old Thomas Weir instant messaged the student telling him exactly what he wanted to do the boy, and offering him $50 to do it.

John Hidalgo is a Freshman at JFK.  Walking out with his mom today he sounded off.  “Teachers are supposed to just teach us, not supposed to have conversations with kids outside of school.”

And he’s right.  Paterson schools prohibits teachers from having any Facebook contact with students.  Social media with an educational purpose is allowed, but a schools’ spokesperson acknowledged it’s tough to police the 4,500 members of the school staff.  Terry Corallo elaborated, “Our social media policy says that teachers should not friend students.  They are well aware of that.  We suspended Mr. Weir immediately, with pay, as that’s what the teachers’ contract calls for.”

John F. Kennedy High School teacher Thomas Weir allegedly instant messaged a student on Facebook with a request for a specific sex act.

Students and parents were shocked by the allegations that Weir, an accounting teacher, was using the lure of candy and money in the hallways to allegedly seduce the young man who was in a neighboring classroom, then reached out via a private Facebook account to offer to perform sex acts on the student.

Quashon Johnson, a senior at JFK said of Weir, “He was a cool teacher.  I heard he offered candy and all this other stuff to kids though.  That’s kinda strange.”

The Passaic County Prosecutor arrested Weir on Saturday after documenting instant messages from the student’s Facebook account.

Sources say Weir was very direct in describing exactly what he wanted from the boy, and offering $50 for it.  And that alleged proposition cost him $500,000 in bail.  He was arraigned Monday and ordered to stay away from his alleged victim, as well as any other children.

Mom Elvia Seclen summed it up.  “They’re supposed to teach, not be asking for other things, honestly.”

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