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(BROOKLYN) – Fernando Mateo President Of The New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers describes the so-called  “epidemic” of the more than 10,000 illegal livery cabs navigating city streets as “unsafe and it’s unacceptable.”

At a Tuesday afternoon news conference in Flatbush, he asked one simple question to the TLC Chairman, “David Yassky why are you not doing your job? That is our question.”

Mateo along with Tony Herbert, President of the National Action Network Brooklyn East Chapter says that on the same week that legal yellow-cab drivers are being targeted in the city, the TLC should additionally zero in on the illegal cabs and their drivers for the safety of the general public. “Protect our rider. Protect the passengers who just want to get home safely,” said Herbert from sidewalk news conference.

The fake livery cars are easy to spot because they sport plates from nearby states where insurance is much cheaper.  Another tell tale sign?  Their drivers tend to walk away when a PIX 11 news camera is focused on them.

At Brookdale Hospital a spokesman conveyed the challenges they face on a daily basis.

In the parking spots reserved either for doctors or labor and delivery, there were some spots occupied by illegal livery cabs and their drivers.

Khari Edwards, a spokesman for Brookdale Hospital says that keeping the area clear from illegal livery drivers is a challenge,  “We’ve asked the NYPD to patrol the area because again while we’re working inside we really can’t regulate.”

A few minutes after our interview, security came out and booted the driver.  He was gone in seconds.  Yet the overall program still remains.