Here are the most offensive Halloween costumes of 2017

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NEW YORK — Whether they’re culturally insensitive or flat out offensive, pushing the envelope on Halloween is a trend that has sadly become routine.

This year there isn’t a shortage of controversial options.

An Anne Frank costume for children recently sparked a social media backlash after it surfaced on a Halloween costume website.

Complete with a beret and a “WWII-styled” dress, the get-up was not well received.

Another panned costume – President Donald Trump’s “border wall” – the one he long promised supporters to erect along the southern border.

One disturbing costume, which featured a “Welcome to Las Vegas” t-shirt soaked in blood, recently surfaced on Facebook was said to depict a victim from last month’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.

“There are certain people who kind of want to push the envelope and see how far they’re gonna go but honestly it just never flies over well,” Ashley Weatherford, senior beauty editor at New York Magazine’s The Cut, told PIX11 News.

One trend that always rears its ugly face is black face.

From celebrities, to students and even local politicians, it’s a universal lesson not quite learned, according to Weatherford.

“You know it’s an element of willful ignorance,” she said. “Maybe people aren’t paying attention you know like hey this is a thing that has a terrible history.”

So what’s fueling this lack of compassion when it comes to Halloween costumes? Some say it’s social media and that “do it for the ‘gram” mentality.

Universities across the country are taking steps to prevent controversy from knocking on their door this Halloween.

Some are even posting flyers on campus explaining cultural appropriation, among other things.

While you may turn to the headlines for some costume inspiration– taking on Harvey Weinstein probably isn’t a good idea.

“Halloween has an element of levity and there’s nothing certainly light about what’s going on with Harvey Weinstein,” Weatherford said.

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