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BAYSIDE, Queens (PIX11) — Julio Rosario and his father-in-law Anthony Dolce live next door to each other on a nice block in Bayside, Queens. They’ve got the beautiful public Clearview Golf Course across the street.

A nice life, right? It would be if golfers could hit straight.

“Ever since we moved we’ve been getting pelted by these golf balls. On average, at least 20 a week,” Julio told me. “My car is damaged multiple times over the years, my house, my fence.”

And he’s worried every time his little kids have to go out.

Anthony told me, “I’ve had windows broken on my truck. On my wife’s jeep and now she has a dent on the roof of her car.”

Julio says the NYC Parks Dept. is giving him a hard time when he complains. It won’t cut down trees, claims it doesn’t have room to put up a net and told him if golfers cause damage, he’ll have to find them himself and pursue litigation himself.

That sounds a little crazy. So, Julio and Anthony contacted us. We called the Parks Department. It took a while but they got in touch with the company that runs the course for the city, American Golf.  And American’s Regional Director, Lee Finkel, went out and met with Juiio.

Afterwards, Lee Finkel told us, “We are meeting with Mr Rosario and investigating possible measures to minimize the situation.”

As for Julio, he’s not so sure the meeting will be productive, although apparently American will alter tee positions to try to help. We’ll see if that cuts down the barrage.