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THE BRONX (PIX11) — It’s not everyday I have to tackle an international incident. But John Pyatt of the Bronx has a problem with a guy in Canada.

John is a budding media entrepreneur. He’s spent the last seven years developing a web series called “Clot.”

“Clot is an action horror. I’m trying to do something different and bring horror to the Bronx. And I’m only shooting in the Bronx for four seasons.”

But to get his series done, John needs costumes. He says he paid a guy named Pete Mender $4,000 over the course of a year to do the work. Pete, who lives in Ontario Canada, is very good at what he does.

But the job took more than two months to complete. And somehow John’s request that Mender send updated photos of the work in progress created tension.

“That seemed to be a problem. We literally got into an argument on the phone where we was yelling at each other. He was cursing at me over the phone in front of my daughter and wife.”

John says he couldn’t pay for shipping and Pete supposedly had other customers who wanted the items. So they stopped communicating. And John came to me.

I’m trying to mediate because these are two talented guys who seem to have let a dispute come between them. I called Pete twice and left messages. I haven’t heard back, but I’ll keep trying.

Meanwhile, John says he’s learned a lesson. Get it in writing. He did this deal without a contract.

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