MANHATTAN, N.Y. (PIX11) — Getting out of Midtown on Monday felt like navigating a maze.

New York City officials recommend taking public transit this week because of road closures related to the United Nations General Assembly taking place on Manhattan’s east side.

New Yorkers like to get places fast. Doing that in Midtown during the UN General Assembly is challenging.

“I had a hard time getting into the parking garage, and once I got in the garage, I had a hard time getting here,” said Azmet Rehmet, owner of Diplomat Chemists.

This year’s UN General Assembly is no exception to year’s past. Police officers flooded the streets and security checkpoints. Sidewalk traffic moved at a snail’s pace and vehicle traffic, at times, was at a complete standstill to make way for diplomats and their entourages.

The General Assembly can be a blessing — or a curse — for neighborhood businesses.

The UNGA provides an unbeatable business opportunity for restaurants like Keats on Second Avenue and 45th Street.

President Joe Biden will speak at the UN Tuesday morning. But New Yorkers can expect substantial traffic for the rest of the week.