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Vicente Rojel just wants what he’s due.

Rojel is a freelance cake decorator. Back in 2016, he did a huge tiered cake for Jose Manuel Burgos, the owner of Victoria Bridal in Astoria, Queens. He was supposed to get $800 for the job.

“This guy start telling me ‘oh, the client didn’t pay me. She’ll pay me next week,’” Vicente told me in describing how he’s gotten a big run around. “And the week after he was like ‘I will give you the money next week and next week.’ It’s been like that ever since.”

So, Vicente and I paid Jose a visit. He was not happy to see me and used some profanity in asking me to leave.

But I must have had some effect. Because the next day, Jose gave Vicente a money order for $800. For Vicente it was the principle not the money. Because he’s donated the $800 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. An extra bonus to our efforts.