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“Hey, what are you looking at “f*****s” and they just came and attacked us and started beating us,” said Michael Felenchak. 27-year-old Michael Felenchak has the scars to remind him of the torment he said he and his boyfriend endured just by walking home, hand in hand, from the movies Tuesday night.

A beating, so bad, it left his 53-year-old  boyfriend, Peter, with a concussion.

The couple appeared at a press conference with mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn who also represents this district of Chelsea.  They did not speak to the media, but their bruises spoke a thousand words.

“This kind of a thing shouldn’t happen in any neighborhood, but for this to happen in Chelsea a neighborhood with such a large LGBT population is shocking,” said Felenchak.

There were a slew of anti-gay attacks earlier this summer. Mark Carson was murdered because of his sexual orientation.

Felenchak told PIX11 News it was about 6 people that attacked him and his boyfriend. They didn’t see it coming.

His stomach is torn up, his lip required 8 stitches. He had a hole in his lip from the beating. He had a message for his attackers.

“I don’t understand why you wanted to do this to me, I was just trying to go home.I don’t have problems with anybody,” said Felenchak.

There have been no arrests.