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CORONA, Queens — Gas and water lines ruptured at a construction site in Queens Friday afternoon when part of a street collapsed causing a massive sinkhole.

It happened just after 2 p.m. in the area of 112th Street and Northern Boulevard.

Witnesses say they heard the explosion and saw the air fill with smoke and dust.

“It was like everything was just disappearing,” one woman said. “It was scary. Next thing you know, rocks are coming out… flying across the street, and gas was shooting up in the air.”

FDNY believes the rupture happened when part of the street collapsed creating the 30-foot wide sinkhole.

No construction was going on at the time.

One person was driving by at the time and was transported to the hospital for chest pain, but is expected to be OK.

Officials are checking surrounding areas as a precaution. No evacuations have been issued.

Con Edison is on the scene.

Northern Boulevard is expected to be closed for a few hours.