BROOKLYN, N.Y.> (PIX11) — Brooklyn resident Tom Wright was one of the more than a dozen volunteers helping with the clean-up efforts at his friend’s bar on Saturday, a day after flash flooding swamped the borough.  

“The floods were biblical if you were outside. It was a deluge truly,” Wright said.  

This is not the first time the basement at Gowanus Gardens has flooded, but bar owner Kelly Hayes said it was the worst. 

“We woke up at 7 (a.m.), we saw that the flood sensor had gone up 20 inches and we knew we were in trouble,” said Hayes. 

Friday’s fast-falling and relentless rain rushed like a river, flooding the streets, and inundating Hayes’ cellar, causing major damage. 

“Our walk-in compressor blew, so all our food inventory we have to throw out. Our hot water heater is done. We have, I have no idea. I am guessing it is going to be $30,000-40,000 worth of repair,” Hayes said.  

She said the water almost reached the ceiling. 

“We couldn’t even come down to open the door, cause if we did, all that water…we would’ve had to swim here.” 

The outdoor seating area she and her husband built from scratch was knocked down. Now, her friends and local patrons are helping her clean up. 

“It is heartbreaking but then I have hope because I have all these people. So, it is like chin up, get a hold of yourself. Put one foot in front of the other and keep going. What else are you going to do? give up?” 

Hayes said she’s used to fighting for her business. She opened a few months before the COVID pandemic and worked hard to stay open. She says this time will be no different.