NEW JERSEY (PIX11) — Fishtopher the cat donned a festive sweater and posed next to a cat-size Christmas tree toy at his new home after his adoption went viral.

Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center’s post looking for a home for Fishtopher went viral back in November. The New Jersey shelter wrote Fishtopher was a “very sad and depressed cat” and asked for someone to “please come rescue our big loveable boy.”

“I swear to god. if one of you doesn’t go get fishtopher,” @mollyaclarke tweeted.

Hundreds reached out wanting to adopt after reading the post. On Nov. 26, the shelter wrote Fishtopher had “left the building.”

Fishtopher, who now lives in Maryland, has his own Twitter account. In addition to Fishtopher pictures, there are links to cats up for adoption.

“We’re super happy for him, but if you were interested in him, have no fear,” Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center wrote. “We have hundreds of other kitties who are just as wonderful and are wishing that people would come and stand in line for them.”