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It’s called Dragon’s Breath, Heaven’s Breath or Nitro Puff and it’s all over social media, but now there are some serious health warnings about the cold treat everyone’s been after this hot summer.

The New Jersey Poison Control Center has received an increase in calls about the treat in the last six months.

The Food and Drug Administration, in a recent release, noted “severe — and in some cases, life-threatening — injuries.” And now New Jersey Poison Control experts have added that while it may look fun, when liquid nitrogen is added at the point of sale- meaning right there in front of the customer just moments before consumption -that’s where the snack could become life threatening.

“When you eat something that is extremely cold, I’m talking much colder than ice cream, you’re going to get a frostbite type injury,” said the Executive Director of the New Jersey Poison Control Center, Dr. Diane Calello.

Long term damage and potential burns to the esophagus and stomach, and even breathing problems for those suffering from asthma are just some of issues doctors say they are seeing in patients consuming Dragon’s Breath. So for now, medical experts are saying you should stay away from the fad altogether.

Miguel Cosme, owner of Freezing Point in Lyndhurst, New Jersey sells Dragon’s Breath and has done so for the last two years. He says he knows it’s a potentially dangerous and it’s why he has warning signs all over his store. Cosme adds he won’t sell it to anyone under the age of 18 without a parent or guardian present.

If you or someone else is exposed to liquid nitrogen, call NJ Poison Control Center to get medical help. Call, text or chat through the help line at 1-800-222-1222.