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NEW YORK — Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke out about the release of his emails to the public in an interview with the PIX11 Morning News Friday.

Over 800 pages of Dr. Fauci’s emails from the first few months of the pandemic have revealed America’s chief medical advisor to be responsive, concerned, and utterly confused by his celebrity-like status.

Some have used the emails to criticize Fauci and the United States government’s response to the pandemic.

Fauci told PIX11 News that those emails are being misconstrued by people with agendas.

“The answer to misconstrue is that one of the problems is that when you get thousands of emails and you have an email, if somebody has an agenda and they wanna make a ‘gotcha point,’ it’s extremely easy to pull a phrase out of an email and just give those words without the context or take an email on one day, which says something that is a little uncertain and then five to 10 days later there’s another email that completely explains it,” he said. “You show one email but not the other email.”

Overall, Fauci said he was fine with the release of the emails.

“I’m a public servant so people have access,” he noted. “It obviously feels like an intrusion but it is what it is. When you’re in public service, people have access to what you do.”

Watch the full interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci in the video below.