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(YouTube user Jamie Morse)

Morse couldn’t take the nausea from changing his kid’s diaper. (YouTube user Jamie Morse)

In a video uploaded on Monday, YouTube user Jamie Morse recorded himself performing one of the less desirable acts that come with fatherhood.

“Alright, let’s do this. You ready? I’m gonna change your bum,” Morse says to the baby laying peacefully sprawled on the floor.

Morse starts to breathe heavily and beings to appear visibly stressed as he uses a copious amount of tissues to wipe down the baby.

“Oh … oh god.”

He starts gagging, coughing, retching and turning red. He finally throws up into a nearby bowl halfway through the process.

Finally, when he’s done with changing her diaper, he says, “We have the best fun! … Right, new nappy. Let’s try and keep this one clean til mom gets home.”