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NEW YORK (PIX1) — A grieving father was desperate to get access his deceased son’s Facebook.

He just wanted to see photos to help him remember his son.

PIX11 got in the middle of it, and was able to make it happen.

John Berlin of St. Louis, Missouri made a YouTube video, pleading with Facebook to see his son Jesse’s “look back” video. Jesse passed away January 28, 2012 at just 22-years-old.

After seeing John’s video on Reddit, PIX11 was able to get in touch with Facebook. A spokesperson for the social network says they are working to put together a “look back” video for Jesse.

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“We haven’t seen the video yet,” John told PIX11. “They told us it’d probably take two, three days and they would send it directly to us once it was ready.

John says that when Facebook called, they said they were going to “cut a little bit of red tape” and make the video happen.

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John said when he saw his own “look back” video and Jesse’s picture kept popping up, he couldn’t stop thinking about what his son’s would look like.

“I want every piece of him I can get,” John said.