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Facebook saves the day for a little boy who almost had a birthday disaster.

In a post written on the community group page “Midnight Mums,” Rachelle Briannon, a mom in Australia, says she had invited 12 children to celebrate her son’s fourth Birthday.

According to the Post, she said this was the first year her son understood what birthday celebrations were all about, and was really excited.

But about an hour before the party was to begin, she says all the kids cancelled.

After she posted to the group, about 30 children showed up. Some, according to the Post, travelled from nearly 30 minutes away.

A local party supply company donated helium balloons for the occasion and three members of the State Emergency Service came to let the children explore their truck.

Rachelle posted a follow-up thank you note to the group expressing her gratitude to the total strangers who helped saved the day.

In part, she wrote, “People took time and money from their own lives and invested it into me and my son. No one could ever know how much I appreciate it all.”