EXCLUSIVE: Man on scene says SUV driver was impatient, knocked another biker off motorcycle before attack

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The details of the cascade of events that lead to Sunday’s West Side Highway biker attack are still emerging.

What happened prior to this incident that was caught on camera?

The wife of Alexien Lien, the SUV driver dragged out of his vehicle and beaten by the mob of bikers, released a statement Thursday, saying the family faced a “life-threatening situation” and they “could not have done anything differently.”

However, a biker on the scene said that’s not the case and he witnessed what happened before the attack.

Michael Anthony gave an exclusive interview from Reinholds, Pennsylvania, revealing what he says happened before what was captured on video.

Anthony claims that Lien was impatient and attempted to drive through the group of bikers. “The SUV didn’t wanna wait,” Anthony told PIX11. “He decided he wanted to come into the center lane and started pushing his way through the center lane, through the bikes.”

Biker Michael Anthony claims Alexian Lien hit another rider before the attack and said he has more video from Sunday’s incident.

The biker also claims Lien hit a rider next to him, knocking him off his motorcycle. The biker got up, Anthony said, and Lien did not stop. He says the group followed Lien for two miles, honking and waving in an attempt to get him to pull over.

Anthony told PIX11 that no one provoked Lien and he believes that he should be charged with a crime. “I believe he should be charged at minimum with fleeing the scene of an accident, a hit-and-run,” he said. “Nobody was threatening him, he was impatient. 99% of the drivers that we encountered that day were impatient, they were upset…but they didn’t take it to the next level and use their vehicle as a battering ram to get where they needed to be because they didn’t wanna be surrounded by bikes.”

The biker also said he has over four hours of video from that day and has not gotten the opportunity to look through it all.

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