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WHITESTONE, Queens – Nearly a month after a mask-wielding madman slashed a Chinese exchange student, vandals targeted the girl’s home and a threatening note arrived.

In the letter, the alleged slasher apologizes for cutting the victim saying that she was targeted by mistake.   Along with the apology, however, there was a chilling message sent to another girl living inside the home — the intended target.

Earlier this week, vandals were caught on camera at the same address.

Egg shells were found on the ground near where the two men, captured on surveillance video, were seen damaging the family’s vehicle.

“Shocked , disgusted and alarmed,” was State Senator Tony Avella’s response to this latest incident.  “You want to be able to go in and out of your home, go to school, go to work in safety, and the fact that we can have an individual around doing this is just unacceptable for a big city like ours.”

On December 16th, an exchange student from China was slashed by a razor-wielding man wearing a surgical mask.  The attack happened in broad daylight near the intersection of 147th Street and 13th Avenue.

Senator Avella has been in contact with  NYPD about the violent and strange acts that have concerned many, “After the first incident I spoke to the precinct and the police and they are actively investigating this, but the fact that this individual or individuals came back a second time is outrageous.”

Senator Avella, adding that Whitestone is a neighborhood that is not used to this kind of violence, says he understands why residents are on edge.  “There should be an officer out here protecting this family since a threat has been made that they are going to come back.”

Less than 30 minutes after expressing this sentiment, the NYPD parked a patrol car out of the 109th precinct right in front of the residence.  There were two officers inside.