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(PIX11) – Famed televangelist Pat Roberston is taking some heat this morning after telling a woman who wrote him for advice that her husband’s cheating was a “natural tendency,” and his wandering eye was actually her fault.

The 700 Club host was responding a viewer identified as “Ivy” who had written Robertson looking for advice on how to forgive her cheating man.

“We have gone to counseling, but I just can’t seem to forgive, nor can I trust. How do you let go of the anger? How do you trust again?” she wrote.

Robertson’s response was direct and to the point; and has shocked some.

“Here’s the secret,” he said. “Stop talking the cheating. He cheated on you, well, he’s a man.”

He told the viewer rather than to focus on her husband’s faults, to be thankful for all the material wealth Robertson assumed he provides her.

‘Does he provide a home for you to live in,’ he said. ‘Does he provide food for you to eat? Does he provide clothes for you to wear? Is he nice to the children… Is he handsome?’

Instead, Robertson suggested she push the blame for the cheating back onto herself. He noted that cheating is a natural tendency for men.

“Recognize also, like it or not, males have a tendency to wander a little bit,” Robertson said. “What you want to do is make a home so wonderful that he doesn’t want to wander.”

Robertson says men are often tempted to cheat by modern society. Saying sexy images in magazines and internet pornography render men helpless.

This isn’t Robertson’s first brush with controversy. Earlier this year he grabbed headlines for telling a woman in a similar situation her husband cheated on her because she was unattractive, saying “”Madam, if I were married to you, I’d start to drink too.”

Following the Haitian earthquake in 2010, Robertson blamed the natural disaster on the struggling nation’s people who had “sworn a pact with the devil.”

He also blamed Hurricane Katrina on America’s abortion policy.

He’s said the 9/11 attacks were in retribution for the actions of the ACLU, pagans, abortionists, gays and lesbians.