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He resigned amid scandal five years ago, and while New Yorkers love a good comeback, are we willing to forgive and forget Eliot Spitzer?

The former New Yorker governor and candidate for city comptroller hopes so.

Spitzer offered PIX11 a wide-ranging interview, in which he discussed how long he had been planning the move, why he chose comptroller, not mayor, what he can bring to the office, and how he’s changed since leaving office in a prostitution scandal five years ago.

During the time period between the scandal and media frenzy after his comptroller bid announcement, Spitzer says that he has “matured” as a person.

Though many consider the city comptroller position to be beneath him, he disagrees, saying he can make a difference in the job, giving his past office experience and his investigations into Wall Street wrongdoing.

While he supports public financing, Spitzer said he funded the campaign himself. He says independence from  interest funding will better allow him to do his job.

When asked about Silda Wall Spitzer, his wife, he acknowledged  her help during the petitioning process last week, but deflected further questions about reports they are living apart. Spitzer said he wants  “to keep my private life private.”

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