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Political experts, colleagues and friends of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris expect the California senator to take a vocal role in the White House.

Harris made history, becoming the first woman, Black and South Asian vice president-elect.

“We actually crossed that threshold where a black woman is a step away from being the President of the United States,” noted Chris Haynes, political science professor with the University of New Haven.

“I would expect Vice President-elect Harris to play a very important role in the administration,” explained St. Louis University School of Law Professor Emeritus, Joel K. Goldstein.

Goldstein pointed out tbat while “the Constitution says that the Vice President’s job is to preside over the Senate, and to be first in line in Presidential Succession,” model Vice Presidents have transformed to role to help shape and develop policy as one of the President’s most trusted advisers.

DNC Vice Chairman Michael Blake said he believes Harris will continue her advocacy on “racial equity, Black and Brown businesses getting access to capital, the focus on criminal justice, and the conversation just today on the announcement of the COVID Taskforce.”

From the age of 17, Harris was “very focused, very prepared, very smart,” explained longtime friend Sonya Lockett.

Lockett believes Harris will bring those qualities to the White House, “she also has one of the biggest hearts you will ever come in contact with and I think that is one of her biggest strengths because she is a servant leader.”