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SOUTH SLOPE, Brooklyn — A Trump supporter was caught on video Tuesday threatening violence against a voter during a dispute at a Brooklyn polling site.

In a series of videos posted to Twitter, the man can be seen standing in the street, hurling insults at another man while police officers stand between them.

“I’ll put you in the hospital,” the Trump supporter threatens in one of the videos.

Warning: The tweet below contains language that some may find offensive

The incident happened at the M.S. 88 polling site on Seventh Avenue in South Slope, according to police.

The videos were posted by Kathy Park Price, who identified herself as Democracy NYC Election Observer.

“‘Call the f’ing cops,’ he said while electioneering 25 feet from the polling site in South Slope, Brooklyn at M.S. 88. Textbook voter intimidation,” Price posted along with one of the videos.

Police said officers were called to the polling site for a dispute over alleged electioneering, however an investigation determined the man was not interfering with voting and his vehicle was an appropriate distance from the polling site.

“After arriving, officers discovered a Trump supporter and another voter were harassing each other outside the polling site. Officers on scene spent nearly an hour resolving this issue,” the NYPD said in a statement.

The two people involved were offered the opportunity to file a police report, but both declined, according to police.

In a statement to PIX11, the man who identified himself as Eric Nocera said he had been at the polling station with his son, who was going to cast his ballot.

Nocera acknowledged his vehicle “was outfitted with American and Trump flags from a recent rally” he attended and intentionally parked the vehicle further than 100 feet away to adhere laws regarding electioneering.

“Upon my arrival I was immediately harassed by a woman who presumably worked at the polling station, she was yelling at me telling me that I could not be there and that I had to leave,” he said in the statement.

“Words and insults were exchanged on both sides. The video clip that has been shared around on the internet shows only the latter portion of the incident and not any of the beforehand,” he said.

When asked about the incident Tuesday afternoon, NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan said no arrests were made and no summonses were issued.