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NEW YORK — More than a month after Election Day, Rep. Lee Zeldin has been declared the winner of New York’s 1st Congressional District.

The Associated Press projected Zeldin’s re-election on Friday.

The three-term Republican congressman, who represents some of the wealthiest parts of the country, had been challenged by Democrat Nancy Goroff, who chaired the Chemistry Department at Stony Brook University for 23 years.

Zeldin doggedly defended President Donald Trump throughout the impeachment hearings and the COVID-19 pandemic. He gained national prominence this year speaking at the Republican National Convention.

Zeldin said his access to the Trump administration and willingness to work with anyone benefit the district.

“Defeating MS-13, getting Army Corps projects over the finish line, picking up the phone and immediately having personal protective equipment in the hundreds of thousands sent instantly and the list goes on,” Zeldin previously told PIX11’s Henry Rosoff. “It’s a consequence of building bridges.”