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NEW YORK — Votes are still being counted across Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania and it’s really close.

While Democratic challenger Joe Biden has surpassed Republican President Donald Trump, his lead is narrow across those four hotly contested states.

The tight race prompted Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger to announce on Friday that the state will recount the 5 million votes cast.

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According to the Associated Press, the ballots will be recounted on high-speed scanners at each county’s central election office after the scanners are tested to ensure they’re functioning correctly.

Trump, his campaign, and some of his surrogates have alleged that there’s widespread voter fraud. They have never presented evidence of this and court cases in which they’ve made the argument have been dismissed. One judge called the allegations “hearsay.”

Andrew Sidman, chair of the political science department at John Jay College, also questioned the legitimacy of the president’s voter fraud claims.

“There’s as much integrity as you can possibly have, in every state,” Sidman said, regarding the election.

Sidman also pointed out that in the states where the presidential election results are close, Republican candidates in other races in those states have actually fared quite well — better than Trump.

“In Pennsylvania, Republican candidates in the House race are running about 56,000 votes ahead of the president, as of right now,” Sidman said on Friday. “In Michigan, Republicans are up 57 to 52 seats in state House races. Wisconsin, another state where the Trump campaign has talked about [a recount], Republicans are winning 10 state Senate races to five [for the] Democrats, [and] 61 to 36 in the state Assembly.”

Sidman argued that if there was widespread voter fraud in favor of Democrats, as Trump has alleged, you would expect to see party candidates down-ballot winning more races than they actually are.

“It just goes to show that there’s no evidence of the widespread voter fraud that would be overturning the results of these elections,” he added.

Still, the Trump campaign continues to allege fraud and to demand recounts.

John Wisniewski, a former state assemblymember in New Jersey who served 10 terms, had a warning for the president: be careful what you wish for.

“I had a recount in my second election,” Wisniewski told PIX11 News. “I lost on Election Day by 360 votes. When the recount was done, I didn’t lose by 360 votes. I lost by 400 votes.”

Wisniewski said the election is not about “fulfilling the president’s expectations.”