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NEW YORK — Dozens of COVID cases shut down New York City classrooms on the first day of school, according to the Department of Education.

While no schools were shut down, 80 of the city’s 48,000 classrooms were closed because of the virus as of 6 p.m. on Monday. Fifty staff members and 33 students tested positive for COVID.

Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter assured parents the DOE has the ability to shift schools to remote learning if needed.

“We learned a lot last year and so we still have the ability to shift to remote if we need to- a classroom or a school building,” she told Dan Mannarino on PIX on Politics.

The DOE broke down instruction plans for students in the event of any type of COVID-related closure dependent on vaccination status in the chart below:

Student Vax StatusQuarantine TypeInstruction Type
UnvaccinatedFull classroomSynchronous remote
UnvaccinatedPartial classroomAsynchronous remote
UnvaccinatedFull classroomSynchronous remote
VaccinatedPartial classAsynchronous remote

Entire schools will close only when it is determined by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene that there is widespread transmission in the school.

The DOE reported an 82.4 percent attendance rate for the first day of school.