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They say timing is everything.

This couldn’t have been a better week for Gay Pride Week in New York City.

A trio of federal court rulings — two from the Supreme Court on Wednesday and another appellate court ruling just Friday evening — are all expected to give this weekend’s festivities an incredible boost.

“A lot more celebration over security. there’s relief in the air. Take that little stone off your shoulder, and you can float a little higher off the ground”, said native New Yorker Kevin Coyne.

Artist Jack Hunter’s depiction of two legendary children’s characters, Bert and Ernie, on the cover of the latest edition of the New Yorker,celebrated their decades long “friendship”, in a warm embrace on a couch — with the Supreme Court Justices on the television screen.

GLAAD spokesman Ross Murray says the significance of the rulings for the City’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community cannot be understated.

“Already we’re seeing moves toward couple who are in the military, being able to have their relationship recognized. We’re able to see partners and couple who are able to sponsor their spouses, and stop the possibility of deportation. When you see how much this is going to have an effect on you – it makes you want to join and be a part of the community. And also, reach out and call for the things that we don’t’ have yet”, said Regional.