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Hurricane Harvey tested the notion of trying to ‘Be Ready For Anything.’ Even for those who had a plan, fleeing the floods was traumatic.

Preparedness can still be important. New York City firefighter Jason Charles lives in a state of readiness.

“I would suggest basics,” Charles said. “Food, water, battery, flashlight, candles.”

Charles, who is president of the New York City Preppers Network, has everything neatly packed away in his Harlem apartment: fire starting material, food needs, medical items and a trusted knife. He’s fully stocked for most disaster and crisis scenarios.

It’s important not to think nothing bad will happen in a specific area or that there will be time to prepare in the days before a storm like Harvey.

Charles acknowledges his level of preparedness is advanced.

“I have a wood burning stove as well,” he said. “That comes into play when you run out of gas. So I have backups upon . I’m not suggesting that everyone does the same thing, but come close.”