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QUEENSBRIDGE, Queens (PIX11) – New video is putting the official story of an NYPD officer in question after Japanese student Ryo Oyamada was struck and killed by a patrol car in 2013.

The family of Oyamada, half-a-world away in Japan, continue to fight for the truth as to how their loved one really died.

The scene from the corner of 10th Street and 40th Avenue from that night  painted a dark picture of the NYPD, with cell phone video showing one resident screaming, “Why you driving so fast on this residential block?”

Struck and killed by a patrol car driven by Officer Darren Ilardi, the NYPD has stated that the car had its lights on when it struck the Japanese student.  “All they heard was that it was his fault.  Ryo Oyamada had stepped in front of a police car with flashing lights and it was a tragedy but it was his fault,” said Steve Vaccaro, the attorney for the Oyamada family.

However, Vaccaro has obtained new video from NYCHA that shows a much different story.  An NYPD patrol car racing down 40th Avenue without its lights on, “Mr. Oyamada was struck by a speeding vehicle that just had the usual headlights on that looks like it would have crossed over the double-yellow divider before it struck him, traveling against the flow of traffic when it hit him.”

Seconds after the alleged impact, lights suddenly begin to flash around the scene — the reflection visible off of streets signs on the corner.

PIX 11 News has attained NYPD radio communication from that night. For several minutes Central asks officers in the field if one of their own a “Member of Service” or MOS was involved, “Is there a MOS involved for 40th Avenue 10th Street?”

After several inquires, a lieutenant confirms, “affirmative central.”

The scene today is much different from the morning following the accident. NYPD security cameras are now in place. Nonetheless, Vaccaro’s offered up a one-word response when asked if there is cover-up by the NYPD, “Absolutely.”

Vaccaro plans to amend his complaint.

The NYPD had no comment on the emergence of new video.