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NEW YORK (PIX11) — It may sound far fetched — and the mayors office laughs it off as an absurdity — but the New York’s top Republican says it’s no joke.

Ed Cox believes the freshman mayor Bill de Blasio already has his sights on not only bringing the Democratic Convention here in two years, but on being the party’s Presidential nominee.

During a taping of this weeks PIX11’s News Closeup, Cox told me he doesn’t expect Hillary Clinton — the party’s presumptive nominee right now — will get the nod.

“I don’t presume she is going to make it because the party has gone too far left. Clinton’s brand is not the progressive brand,” Cox said.

As for de Blasio, “His coalition is the same as President Obama, the hard left part of the party and African Americans. He occupies the second most visible elected position in the U.S. His party is now a urban party and he’s the leader of the urban Democratic party,” according to Cox.

De Blasio laughed off the claims.

“This is one of the more surreal moments I’ve experienced,” de Blasio said. “When a state GOP chairman is telling you what I’m doing with my life. I am entirely honored to be the Mayor of New York City and at some point will talk about  — when the time is right — re-election to this post and that’s all I’m doing.”

Cox couldn’t predict who the Republican nominee would be.

He said Jeb Bush is a potential contender, but he felt that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the leading candidate at the moment because he best expresses Republican ideals.