NEW YORK (PIX11) — With crime on the rise in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams on Saturday met with the NYPD’s top leaders on what to do heading into the summer months when crime typically surges.

According to historical police statistics, shootings increase in the months of May and June as summer arrives and more teens and young adults are out of school. Adams said the city needs a plan to stop it.

Adams is holding a series of meetings with the NYPD’s top leaders, searching for ways to reverse the negative criminal trends the city is seeing.

“The first order of business is to see if we are properly deploying what we have. Then once we do that correctly, we can then make the decision if we need more,“ Adams said.

Law enforcement across the five boroughs already has its hands full with plenty of violent incidents. From assaults and robberies on subways to deadly shootings, the mayor said he wants to find ways to get rid of the root causes of crime that lead some New Yorkers down the wrong path.

So, what will be the response to deal with high crime rates? Nothing has been officially announced yet from these meetings. City officials said police leaders were instructed to each come up with multiple ideas on how to combat crime, including ideas that may not directly involve law enforcement.

“We also want to raise the expectations of our schools, of our [Human Resources Administration], of our Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. We constantly have the police officers under scrutiny. It’s time for everybody to be under scrutiny,” Adams said.

On a positive note, homicides in the city in March were down from the previous year, according to city officials. However, every other form of crime was up.