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We all want our dogs to live long, happy, and healthy lives, but that’s easier said than done. Right?

A new book titled “The Forever Dog”, written by Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker, two of the world’s most popular and trusted pet-care advocates, reveals how we can significantly improve our dogs’ physical and mental health. It features interviews and advice from top geneticists, microbiologists, longevity researchers, and owners of dogs that lived into their twenties and thirties.

The book largely focuses on nutrition, but Becker says it’s important that we also consider and manage the stress that our dogs face each and every day.

She suggests taking them outside to play every day, and freeing up the stress in our own lives. That’s because scientists say pets sync up with their humans’ cortisol levels, which is our bodies’ main stress hormone.

And Habib says that the more we do for our dogs now, the less we’ll have to worry about the future.
You can pick up a copy of “The Forever Dog”  wherever books are sold.